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There are many benefits of having an Insurance Restoration Specialist. From the quality of your inspection to the communication with your insurance provider, the experience, process and technology are working for you and your home.

Property owners sometimes fail to file insurance claims because they do not recognize the signs of damage. This is often the case when wind or hail damages a roof. Over time, the damage continues to deteriorate your roof system causing increased problems in the future. An insurance restoration specialist will conduct a free, no-obligation inspection and identify such damage.

When you file a claim, your insurance company assigns an adjuster to assess the damage and determine the cost of the repairs. The great majority of adjusters are very competent and skilled. However, their experience with your particular type of damage (roofing, for example) and knowledge of the repair or reconstruction process varies widely. Most contractors wait for your adjuster to assess the damage and, subsequently, provide you with a quote for the repairs. That quote may be more costly than your insurance adjuster’s estimation. Unlike the typical retail contractor, an insurance restoration specialist will meet with your adjuster and review the damage. The determination of replacements or repairs is solely the adjuster’s decision. However, the insurance restoration specialist is present to answer his or her questions regarding the reconstruction process.

Particularly following a major catastrophe, insurance companies are pressured to assess widespread damage as immediately as possible. Adjusters might be assigned to areas of the country with which they are not familiar. An insurance restoration specialist is familiar with the building code requirements in your municipality. On occasion, an adjuster will omit the cost of building code upgrades or items that should be replaced or installed to ensure that your home meets your local building code requirements. In these instances, the insurance restoration specialist will notify the adjuster and review the necessary codes, ensuring that you are reimbursed for these costs.

Often, adjusters will request an estimate directly from the contractor. Many contractors will simply provide a bottom-line dollar figure with no detail regarding the work to be done. An insurance restoration specialist provides a line-itemized estimate using estimating software that is widely accepted in the insurance industry. This estimate describes each step in the repair or reconstruction process and provides the specific cost associated with each step.

Because the prices are maintained and updated monthly by a third party, the software provides a fair market value estimation of the cost of the work. Many adjusters appreciate the opportunity to review the estimate. Often, as a result, the processing of your claim is expedited so that repairs can begin without delay. 

The typical retail contractor does not have any involvement with your insurance company. An insurance restoration specialist has experienced and specialized personnel to focus on assisting you through each step of the process. A well-established insurance restoration specialist has been in business for many years and has established itself as a preferred provider for many large insurance companies.

In some cases, such as a failed roofing system, further damage to your property is prevented because the insurance restoration specialist assisted in identifying damage and expediting your insurance claim.

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